Gamma Pro V2 5

Hey guys,

Sorry it has been so long without a post, but I have lots of news both personal and professional that I will discuss in a letter later this week. For now, you should take a glance at the newest from Ares RC, the Gamma Pro V2!

This is an impressive improvement from the already well received Gamma platform: this plane features the Hitec Red protocol that all new Ares products will have, as well as the Natural Flight Progression (NFP) system codenamed Aegis. Just release  the sticks and it will level itself back out, as well as limit your bank angles at the beginning flight modes on the controller. There will be Float kits available for water take offs as well!

These will be available on the Ares RC website but on the shelves at HobbyTown nationwide shortly. The part number for the Ready-To-Fly is AZSA1650 priced at $199.99, and the Pair-to-Fly (Hitec Red) is AZSA1651, and is priced at $169.99.

See the Gamma Pro V2 website by Clicking Here!

Ares Shadow 240

Starting to hit HobbyTown shelves within the next week or so, the guys over at Ares RC have a new indoor/outdoor quad for you: the Shadow 240. Featuring bright lights, auto-flipping, and 6-axis stabilization, this quadcopter is good for beginner AND experienced pilots.

There will also be a WiFi camera for basic FPV available separately for the quadcopter, but start searching your local HobbyTown for this gem and pick it up for $120. See more right on the Ares RC website!

In a long overdue moment, the FAA will be sent to court regarding the UAS Registration program. Shown to me by Silent D, Forbes reported that a lawyer by the name of John Taylor filed the lawsuit on December 24th, contesting the registration program is against article 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, stating the FAA cannot impose any rules or laws governing the model aircraft community.

This is nothing new, but I want to applaud Mr. Taylor for taking on ‘the Man.’

Let’s see where this takes us, but for now the registration program is still in place.

Phantom 3 4K

In an effort to continue confusing the general public, DJI announced a new Phantom 3 4K multirotor today. Featuring many of the same features as the ‘lighter’ Phantom 3 Standard, the Phantom 3 4K is a drone that does not have a Lightbridge long-range FPV setup, and is more like a Phantom 2 with a 4K camera. No pricing or release dates yet, so I guess we wait to hear that at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this week.

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As 2015 has officially closed, I wanted to thank all the great people helping me out in this great endeavor to make Raging Rotors great. My boss Steve and all my coworkers at HobbyTown Orland Park have nothing but great advice and always let me know when new stuff is on the horizon, or links to cool things that show up online. I can’t help but thank all the help from various manufacturers, pilots, and other mentors: Justin over at Traxxas, Ben and the crew over at HobbicoCraig ‘Silent-D’ Dziak, my fellow members of Suburban Aero Club of Chicago, and all the other voices that keep my mind securely fixated on the aircraft hobby.

Here are a few plans for the coming months of 2016:

  • My former coworker Larry wants to compete in modifying the Airhogs X-Wing Fighter to something more competent for aerial combat. I might have to just blow him out of the water!
  • I have a few reviews in the pipeline: the Dromida Verso and the Estes Proto-N are in the works.
  • I want more on the site! If you have something to contribute, email me at kevin (at) raging-rotors (dot) com. I will gladly take your ideas/submissions and post them, maybe get you a weekly spot or something of the sort.
  • I have yet to gain a relationship from other ‘major’ companies, and it’s frustrating so I plan to  redouble efforts to get their attention, and build the relationships I have with other companies.
  • STICKERS! I am going to find a means to getting stickers, and send them out to you loyal readers so we can spread Raging Rotors by other means.

As always, Raging Rotors expands beyond this page. I post other tidbits, videos, and other things on the Raging Rotors Facebook Page.

Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

Today is a great day for hobbyists and non-hobbyists alike, as this is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and spread good cheer all around.

From my family to all of yours, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a joyous New Year!

Enjoy your new ‘toys’ and until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

With the FAA UAS Registration system going live today, all current pilots have 60 days to register and become legal to fly within the United States, as well as new pilots need to register before their first flight. Please check with your local hobby shop if you are unsure as if you need to register, but as registration is FREE until January 20, you might as well get legal anyway and enjoy the next 3 years bureaucracy free. For all things about this Registration, check out my last ‘rant’ about it right here.

Now we go to the game changer: the Traxxas Aton. I have been hanging on to the fact that SOMEONE will give the world the next step in quadcopters: an intermediate. The Dromida Ominus/Ominus FPV/Vista ($150 max) is a great platform, as is the Blade Chroma (starts at $1000). Look at those together, and you see a HUGE gap in the pricing scheme: There is nothing between these two quads that is even worth any beans, much less open source, multi purpose, and as upgradable as the Aton is planned to be.

Never in my days of watching the multirotor industry grow have I seen a company even discuss their plans for the future like I am now from Traxxas, much less advertising how open source the technology is which brings out all the computer programmers, hackers, and others of the sort to take a great platform and make it better, and share it with the public at large.

You may call me a fanboy, others will call me biased, and even more will call me paid off. As an engineer who has been buying, flying, and programming quadcopters for over 3 years now, I am telling you this Aton could be big for the industry. For more details, see my post from last night going over the fun features of the Aton.

Feel free to shoot me a message via kevin (at) raging-rotors (dot) com, and until next time Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

Traxxas Aton Cover

Granted the only reason I say finally is because of ‘DeepQuad’ spilling some details, but Traxxas now as released the full deal on the new Aton. Featuring a whole lot a fun tech, software, and definitely leaving a path for TONS of future development, this quadcopter may be exactly what the industry needed. Here are a few features and neat things I have to make note of:

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